Wild Woman Therapy

Elizabeth not only helped me remove the shade of my Wild Woman, encouraging me to shine brightly, she has also given me a divine example of how embracing our inner wild really changes the world. I just love you. 


Angela Ressa, Liverpool, UK

After working with Elizabeth, a genuine peace and feeling of abundance pervaded my body, mind and spirit. I feel lighter and now able to recognize more of my story. Elizabeth created a loving, safe space to investigate. She helped uncover my soul speak and I’m grateful. And she gave me a new tool which I am able to call on as needed. Thank you Elizabeth, for the care you showed me and your generosity of spirit. I am delighted.

Maria Davis, Melbourne, Australia

I never get bored with you . . . let me tell you that. I just adore you. It’s TRUE! I can’t keep up with you . . . it’s a good thing! Keeps me challenged, inspired . . . you get down to the nitty gritty. Thank you so much.

Sharon, Sunshine Coast, BC

Back to starting the day with mediation – this week using a mantra inspired by my Wild Woman Mystery Cards and mala – yes, that was a plug for Elizabeth’s brilliance and working on doing at least one thing for my business every day … booked a new client and everything today!

Cathy, Ottawa, ON

I was telling (my partner) a little about our session yesterday and she remarked on how ‘good’ I felt after each one, and I thought about that (this is a genuine run on sentence) and how that wasn’t what really mattered to me – it was that by the end of each call, I’m in a different place than before. Sometimes it feels odd and sometimes it feels great, but now what I know I can count on with you is that I can get unstuck by working with you, which is fucking brilliant!

Dina, Vancouver, BC

I thank you immensely for the views on a deeper level that you showed me how to reach . . . Thank you for your understanding and generous attitude to help me take the next steps to living my full potential. I AM NOT GOING TO WASTE IT!!

Janice, Sunshine Coast, BC

Thank you Elizabeth. You really tapped in to what I wanted to do – to set a boundary with grace. I appreciate the advice and support. Thank you! 


Jen Whitman, Sonama Wine Country, CA

You, Elizabeth, bring out the best in all us women with the tools you share and provide.

Wild Woman Joanne, Vancouver, BC

Wild Woman Therapy

Hi, I’m Elizabeth MacLeod. BMus. PDTC. PCC 


How this works:


I work with a blend of Gestalt Therapy, Shamanism, Spiritual Teaching, Healing Work and Magical Practice to give you an in-depth experience of your life and your world.

We will examine the challenges or complications in your life that require new growth and observe new experiences to the problems you face so that they can dissolve. 

Insight and wisdom for your journey is what will be revealed. As well, real ‘in-time’ practical tools and magical practices for you to take with you and use in your everyday life to help you reach the place you are striving for and help you become the person you wish to be. 

We will shed light on the dark places so they can heal. 



Perfect for you if your life has been:


  • turned upside down after a life changing event, like the death of a loved one, loss of a job, a break-up of a relationship you were in, a double mastectomy, cancer or divorce or any life change that you find your self struggling in
  • in transition to something new, trying to find out who you are now that the things you use to know are gone, or you want something that feels out of reach
  • struggling with health issues and you’re trying to navigate through the chaos


  • all about taking care someone you love who is ill or needing your help and you are in need of guidance and support 
  • in need of a larger vision
  • uncomfortable and you are feeling that you just don’t fit and you want to get ‘out of the box’ 


  • boring and dull and you are just tired of the status quo
  • feeling a niggle that something is just not right or that you want to do something but can’t quite figure out what that is


If you are feeling any of these, we need to talk. If you are:


  • feeling alone
  • frustrated with not being heard or respected
  • feeling depressed


  • unable to find your confidence
  • feeling anxious, worried or full of fear
  • feeling lost


  • crying a lot 
  • unable to find joy in your every day
  • struggling with getting a handle on a situation that has happened, i.e. break-up, loss of a loved one, death, divorce, illness, (as some examples)


  • in chronic pain
  • under a lot of stress 
  • unable to find your dream and make it happen
  • not sure what to do with your life


You will get:


  1. insight and wisdom to carry with you
  2. instructions on where to focus your time and energy
  3. relief
  4. a solid plan on what is best for the challenges you are facing
  5. how to take your new found opportunities into your life now so you can get the very best out every day. 
  6. spiritual navigation and teachings
  7. spiritual practice and rituals specifically personalized to your situation
  8. if required, a step by step plan on what to do the ability to make a decision 
  9. an open heart


Get through the stuff that is holding you back. It’s time for you to feel:


  • real happiness
  • confident and strong
  • empowered in your life


  • feel good about being you
  • peace and balance in your life
  • joy


  • excited about your dreams 
  • that you can have meaningful, deep and rewarding relationships that fit who you are
  • that you can communicate well with others and yourself, so you feel heard

The Details:


Each session is 60 minutes. 

We meet in person, on the phone or online through Zoom or FaceTime. All are brilliant ways to meet and precisely what is called for. 


A little about me:


I’m the author of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards. I’m a Gestalt Therapist, Grief Therapist, Pain Management Specialist, Dream Worker, Professional Coach and Consultant, Spiritual Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner.

Each appointment is 50 minutes. 

My response times are typically the same day, unless it is the weekend.

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