Some lovin' spoonfuls from some beautiful Wild Women and Wild Men too! Thanks everyone! It is such a privilege.


Wild Woman Mystery Cards

Liz and SARK
Wild Woman® Mystery Cards are a wonder full ride of love. They are a best friend and wise companion, carrying us on our journey while holding our precious hands. A beacon of light in our beautifull and mysterious world, Elizabeth treasures the heart and soul of every Succulent Wild Woman.
~ SARK, best-selling author & artist

"Wild Woman Mystery Cards are amazing! I read lots of "self-help" books. I am a fan of authors like Dr. Wayne Dyer, SARK, Neale Donald Walsch, Louise Hay and many others. I've never read anything like it. Every morning, I take some deep breaths as I slowly shuffle the deck. I choose a random card, and begin my day in a place of love and beauty. They are so incredibly beautiful, and the wisdom is like healing balm for my soul. THANK YOU!"
~Wild Woman Kelly - Colorado, USA

"The character portrayed on the individual cards is the instant impression of the feeling of that particular card - that is really a rare skill to create a silhouette that meaningfully captures a single emotion in such a way that someone looking at it will instantly catch the meaning."
Wild Man Bob, Sarasota, Fl

"Wow. I have never read more powerful, infinitely feminine or more beautiful cards. With every card I choose I am moved by the inspirational pictures and the beautiful descriptions. I have been struggling in my life and haven't been able to decide which path I want to take. Today I felt so alone, so out of place. I asked if I will be happy, if I have help in my journey. I drew "Heart Beat". Tears are flowing even now, as I know I am part of the earth and I know she won't leave me alone. I am not alone. Thank you. My heart beats complete."
~ Wild Woman Celia -Vancouver, BC

"Elizabeth, you have captured the essence of what women dream about . . . being a free spirit with a loving understanding nature. A woman who loves herself as much as she does her family, friends and surroundings. She laughs deeply and cries tears of both sorrow and joy. Through her experiences of life, balancing the good with the 'not so good' she has become her own best friend and has at last found peace in knowing herself."
~ Wild Woman Terry, Coquitlam, BC

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Empowered Fusion Organic Essential Oils

I LOVE that you've paired essential oils with the Mystery cards - genius! It just makes it even more special! And, incorporating colors and the chakras . . . you've thought of everything! These are going to bring more sacredness into the lives of so many women!"
Wild Woman Marie-Grand Forks, CO

"Wild Woman Enchanted, I have discovered, is much more than a company. Elizabeth Macleod, has envisioned every aspect of its products, its presence, and quality . . . and Empowered Fusion (and chakra-coded) aromatherapy scents are pure and delightful."
Wild WomanDeanne,Sechelt, BC

"I am so excited to try all the oils. Wow, they smell great and only have tried 3"
Wild Woman Kerri, Vancouver, BC

" just love your oils and picking them with the cards is a riot! Also, they are the first thing I've really found that does not bug my allergies. I can hardly beleive it. They are a total treat!"
Wild Woman Shelley, Vancouver, BC

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Greeting Cards...

"These are the things I should be living!"
Wild Woman Cheryl, Kamloops, BC

"This girl I'm thinking of . . . they'd all be good for her!"
Wild Woman Nancy, North Vancouver, BC

"I love these cards. OMG. I just think they have wonderful messages for women and they're so beautiful too!"
Wild Woman Jill, Calgary, AB

"I'm inspired by the imagery. I love the really vivid colours. It's so striking - so much stuff these days is muted. These are vivid, big contrasting colours. I really like the super high contrast, the silhouette style."
Wild Man Jim, Vancouver, BC

"I love your greeting cards! They're great gifts to give other women for birthdays or anything. They can uplift or be works of encouragement. They reinforce that feminine side! I love them"
Wild Woman Emma, Toronto, Ont


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