Wild Woman A Total Experience

Wild Woman Enchanted Retreat
with Elizabeth MacLeod
Creator of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards

Love More Deeply. Know your Power. Have More Energy.

wild woman retreat

Take some time out just for you with like-minded souls. Find what resonates deeply with you and not what you have to do because you somehow have found yourself fallen into a particular role. Uncover your passionate self. Share meaningful experiences. Feel alive and passionate in your relationships.

In this retreat you will:

• Gain the confidence needed to lay the groundwork for your life and/or business.

• Feel the support and connection necessary to move ahead no matter where you are in your life right now.

• Practise self-care in a safe, loving environment

• Learn new ways to step out of "the box".

• Get unstuck

• Fulfill your wish for strong inspiration and energy.

Get back in sync with who you are and lean into it more and more. Find the you that fits your soul. You do not have to do this alone.

Let's rock the house together and shift even further into a world full of unconditional love and understanding.

Join the Wild Woman Tribe!

We'll sleep in cozy beds and cotton linen sheets and comfy duvets and experience mouthwatering home-made meals made just for us by our beautiful chef . . . 'cause we deserve it!

And . . .

We'll open to the wisdom of the Wild Woman and our unique wild ways through the art of movement, creative activity, circle and ceremony.

We'll bend and Stretch our edges through:

• Self Spirituality Techniques

• Awakening Meditations

• Silent Door Visualizations

and . . .

• Group WIld Woman Mystery Card Readings

• Ceremony and Circle

• Wild Woman Council

And Way More Magical Stuff that we just don't have room to list. But this gives you an idea!!!


wild woman journy

wild woman retreat

What the Wild Women loved best at past retreats!

"the guided meditation"

"Elizabeth's energy and smile and infectious joy of the process!"

"Hearing each other's stories"

"Meals together"


"Making my card"

"Sharing experiences"

"Opening up"

"Meeting New Friends with similar feeling and ideas"

"Being still and quiet"

"the way everyone was open with one another"

"Elizabeth's energy and welcoming and open presence coupled with knowledge"

"My body"

"My surroundings"

"Freedom - expanding in all directions; movement, learning..."

"Openness - listening - hearing - knowing - allowing things to leave"

"The permission to be exactly who I am meant to be"

"To do more nature walks"

"Freedom, fun, laughter"

"Enjoying Womanhood"

"Wearing Essential Oils"

"Loving myself and being inspired by others in small and large ways"

"It was great. I met some beautiful people whom I hope to stay in contact with"

"I feel quietly refreshed"

"Wonderful, nurturing environment"

"Very experiential."

"The food was divine!"

"I learned to allow others ideas to come into my life, not putting up blocks"

"Very good, nice atmosphere"

"The food was awesome and so was the chef!"

"I liked the meals together . . .and hearing each others stories"

"I have missed women's energy as big as this!"

We ate well too!

Our Retreats bring Women together for a full week-end of Wild Woman Wisdom, Wild Power Tools and Captivating Practical Magic! Take some time for yourself. You deserve it. Join us! Your tribe is waiting for you!

wild woman retreat

One more thing...

Did you receive your free Wild Woman Shift Chart yet? We'll be using this in our retreat too. If you'd like some spiritual guidance and direction, it's a great thing to have. Go here for yours. It's filled with lots of ways to do the Wild Woman Shift and have help and support as you travel along your path. Get yours now!



"Thank you for showing me how to find myself and find the good things. Incredible experience, one I will never forget"
~Wild Woman Caren

"The workshop was great… I want to take with me the confidence that I can do whatever I ask of my self"
~Wild Woman Diane

"I loved the feeling of being nurtured. Somebody was actually taking care of me.It hasn't happened in a while. Thank you."
~Wild Woman Jelena

"Thanks for helping sisters become aware of our inner strength and beauty. What a great exercise in self discovery and enlightenment"
~Wild Woman Chantal

"So many different people pulled together - each taking away what they needed... I liked the meeting of new friends with similar feelings and ideas who will be out there for us for time to come"
~Wild Woman Rosie

"I felt from the moment I arrived that I was meant to be here. I am going to take with me the confidence to go for it… I'm ready! Ready to go out in the world to share what I know on a bigger stage. I am ready to broaden my expectations of/for abundance to match the 21st century, western civilization, that I am a part of"
~Wild Woman Mariah-Jane

"I learned that I like to be a participant. Typically, I am a facilitator."
~Wild Woman Andrena

"So glad to be beginning this path inspired by you Elizabeth . . . I want to remember how hugely valuable combined woman's love and energy is"
~Wild Woman Anne

"The retreat was good self care for me. Reconnecting, taking in the wisdom."
~Wild Woman Deaya

"I really loved your Wild Woman Mystery Cards and the mystery of discovering oneself"
~Anonymous Wild Woman

"Great fun, lots of learning, very stretching!"
~Wild Woman Lynn

"I thoroughly enjoyed my Wild Woman experience. It was everything I hoped for and more!"
~Wild Woman Jenn


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