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I'll help you find what you need to do with the help of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards no matter where you are in your life right now.

Pick the one that works for you.

30 Minute Reading

Do you need to tweak the areas in your life that feel out of sync with who you are?

Elizabeth will bring her Wild Woman intuition with her as she reads the Wild Woman Mystery Cards and helps you get rid of unfinished projects, get your mojo flowing while bringing you further into a world full of unconditional love and understanding. Learn more

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60 Minute Reading

Do you want a more in-depth experience to make a more meaningful change?

Elizabeth's 60 minute readings will work with finding the path that fits your soul and that incites passion within you in a way that is meaningful. Get your life aligned with your true self. Dive into the trenches and let's get it happening for you. Learn more

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One Burning Question

Is there something sizzling under your skin and you just want the answer?

This is a 10 minute session where Elizabeth will use the Wild Woman Mystery Cards, her creative juice, intuitive connection with the wild and years of spiritual practise and teachings to reveal your answer. Learn more

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"My wish is that these Wild Woman Mystery Cards will be an inspiring and healing journey for you, helping you re-member who you are."
~Elizabeth MacLeod, Creator of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards


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"My Wild Woman reading with Elizabeth came as an answer to a prayer. I felt heard and seen. The ritual "feedback" circle exercise healed an old wound."
Wild Woman Rita

"Watching a full reading take place was illumination - the care and guidance you displayed while you led the recipient to her own solutions through the wisdom of your questions was magical to watch."
Wild Woman Baljit

"I was very impressed by Elizabeth's skillful and loving ways to go very directly, yet gently and simply to the heart of things. She brings her wonderful huge heart and her love into her work and magic into play, with colours, scents, smell, touch, vibration . . . a wonderful dance of the elements."
Wild Woman Marielle

"You knew there was just one more thing to do to finish the reading. You really follow your inner wisdom. You go beyond the boundaries . . . You complete the process for the person. To witness that from the beginning . . . to dropping into the essential oils and how that touched her . . . witnessing the exercise you had her do. It was so powerful and meaningful for the group. I was very touched by that."
Wild Woman Mariette

"The Wild Woman Mystery Cards, their wisdom, your passion along with your essential oils honor the recipient. Thank for your gift for the feminine in all."
Wild Woman Teri

"Elizabeth is like a deep, refreshing breath of ocean air. I love the care and passion she brings to her work and the attention to detail. Her idea of doing readings communally is fabulous. It opens up the wisdom to a larger world."
Wild Woman Isabella


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