Business Consulting

Business Consulting the Wild Woman Way

Do you want to unleash your Wild Woman into your business and make money doing it but are unsure how?

Elizabeth knows what it takes to get things off the ground. She will share her Wild Woman Strategies, Wild Power Tools, Wild Woman Wisdom and Marketing Know-how to help you connect with your business and make it happen.

The Wild Woman Mystery Cards will help guide the way as well as help unblock the unseen so we can get things done.

If you are seriously wanting to get things off the ground in a wild and kick-ass fashion, let's do it! Let's make it happen for you.

Stop feeling challenged about making money doing what you love! Learn more

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What are People Saying . . .

"I hired Liz because I was tired and scattered and needed clarity and direction. In the first few sessions, we determined clear goals and one of my goals was to work half the time and make twice the money, as a self-employed professional. I'm happy to say my goal was achieved in less than a year. I now work half the time and make twice the money! And it doesn't stop there! It feels good!"

~Wild Woman Gayle

"As well as giving me strategies that really fit who I am and how I operate, Liz has taught me how to uncover those strategies myself on an ongoing basis. I'm probably going to keep thanking her for this for a while as it has been truly transformational. The very cool think is I no longer feel stuck in one place, or else going forward a bit only to find myself back in that one place again – I feel I've leaped and that now I am in motion. Thank you so much."

~Wild Woman Dina

"Liz is a very in-tuned, phenomenal listener and she not only picks up on things you say, but more importantly on things you don't always say clearly. She also is excellent at taking difficult issues and feelings and breaking them down in such a way that makes them not so scary to deal with.

I found because it was so interactive, it really grounded and pushed things home for me. It made me not just talk about it but be part of it and therefore led me to action…a little dramatic though, but it's true! I never in a million years thought I'd ever have the courage to buy a business and become my own boss!"

~Wild Woman Judith
Business owner

"Professionally your diverse experience gives you a unique ability and wider perspective to assist people. Personally, you are such a genuine and incredibly intuitive person, that speaking with you feels like coming home to a safe, cozy environment. You've made and continue to make such a significant difference in my life and work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

~Wild Woman Brenda
Corporate Trainer


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Some Lovin'
from SARK!

"Wild Woman® Mystery Cards are a wonder full ride of love.

They are a best friend and wise companion, carrying us on our journey while holding our precious hands.

A beacon of light in our beautifull and mysterious world, Elizabeth treasures the heart and soul of every Succulent Wild Woman."

~ SARK, best-selling author & artist

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