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Just click on the marketplace and it will take you right there! Have lots of fun! You can find the WIld Woman Mystery Cards there along with the Empowered Fusion Organic Essential OIls that go with them and lots more.

Yes! So much magic happens here! Coming to know the deepest essence of who you are and what matters to you is probably the single most beautiful thing to witness and be part of. Go to Mystery Card Readings under the services tab. It's a fantastic way figure out where you are and what you need to do with any situation, find your power, and get some direction. If you are going through changes (either the inner kind like menopausal or the outer kind like moving jobs!) it can be very helpful and help you to feel empowered with positive way to help. It's a wonderful way to connect to your heart in a safe and validating way.

They are inspired by and can be used with the Wild Woman Mystery Cards which are used to replenish your soul and charm your spirit captivating you into a relationship with your awakened and most beautiful Self. Each Mystery Card has a corresponding Empowered Fusion and each Empowered Fusion has Wild Woman Mystery Cards that correlate to them, matching your colour vibrations and chakras. it's very cool! Check out the details of each organic oil in our Marketplace.

To find the scent for you simply browse through the store and read what each one is for and which Wild Woman Mystery Cards they correspond to.

If you have the Wild Woman Mystery Cards you could ask "Which empowered fusion blend would be best for me right now?" When you get the card, then go to the store to find out which oil it goes with. When you buy the oil and it arrives in your home, you can put it anywhere on your body, or in your bath. i love lighting a candle and putting them in my bath. Feels so nurturing. It's just divine!

Yes and they are WONDER-filled! Stepping into the mystery together in community is beautiful, freeing, nurturing, loving, wild and filled with wisdom. There is so much offered and so many blessings. Find out more about workshops and retreats by going to Retreats under the services tab above. You can also see here what other Wild Woman have said about their experiences together.

It all started with one of my hobbies, which was painting. As I walked on the beaches close to home, I would collect stones to paint on. I painted all sorts of images. Over time, I noticed a style of painting start to emerge and from that, silhouettes of women. One day, as all of this was beautifully unfolding; I was coming home from the beach, and heard this little voice that said “Make a set of Wild Woman Stones in a red velvet bag with a gold cord.” I was inspired! My soul was ignited! And the process, unbeknownst to me at the time, had been unleashed! I suppose one could say that’s the day they were conceived!

In the Wild Woman® Mystery cards book, there are many ideas on how to use the Cards. They can be used in many ways, for example, as a daily reminder, with your meditation practice or to start a mediation practice, as a focus for your journal for that day, or display them in a prominent place in your home or workspace for inspiration. These are only a few ideas to help you get started. For more ideas, check out page 14 in the Wild Woman® Mystery Cards book. Enjoy!

Wild Women are using these in many ways . . . one woman had a party and invited everyone over, and before they got there, randomly placed a Wild Woman Mystery Card at everyone’s place setting. After they shared appetizers, she asked everyone to choose where they wanted to sit. Once they got there, she told them there was a Wild Woman Mystery Card at their place setting. They turned them over, cracked open a bottle of wine, and she said they laughed, cried, and shared in ways they hadn’t before.

Another Wild Woman had her cards in a special place by the entrance of her doorway. When people entered or left, she would encourage them to pick a card. And then she said a most interesting thing began to occur. She would give the cards to some people if they needed them! The whole set of cards would go to the person’s house for a day, a week, or even a month, until they were finished and returned to her, where she put them back at the entrance to her home and continued using them with those who came to her house.

Another woman, gave her cards away, one by one, as a blessing, she called it.

Many women also use them as healers, having their clients or patients pull a card at the end of a session and read what it said together as a gift upon leaving.

Women have used them alone, in groups, ceremony and rituals, in many creative ways. I hope this gives you some ideas to try or get inspired by. If you have an idea you would like to share…I’d love to hear from you and pass it along to other women. Just drop into voice your opinion and let us know how you are using the cards in your life!

Elizabeth's musings - A blog dedicated to the Wild Woman; her wisdom, intuitions, inspirations and mystery can be found here! One woman wrote in the comments " Yay! I finally figured out how to post a comment! What a remarkable story, Liz! It touched my heart so deeply, that it brought tears to my eyes."

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Come to our website right here or course! Lots of wild deliciousness is put up every month... One woman wrote this to me just the other day...."Folks, if you have not yet had an opportunity to check out Wild Liz's website, I highly recommend it. It is stunning and sooo very charged with her sense of Carpe Diem. When I want Liz time, that's where I turn."

You can order the Wild Woman® Mystery Cards by email at or call 1-604-885-3700 or, they are also available in the following Canadian stores:


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