Elizabeth MacLeod,  B.Mus, PDCPT*

Elizabeth was born in Montreal, Quebec, and lived there until her 19th year when she went to Mount Allison University inNew Brunswick to study music. After receiving her Bachelor of Music, she followed her dream to move out west, and arrived in Vancouver, where she completed her Post Degree Certified Professional Teaching Certification (PDCPT) at theUniversity of British Columbia. She taught grades 7-10, Music, Drama, English, French and English as a second language for many years.

Elizabeth is the founder of Wild Woman Enchanted Co Int’l Inc and is an Erickson Certified Professional Coach (CPC), trained Gestalt Psychotherapist, Level ll Reiki Practitioner, a writer and self taught artist and has done extensive study in Shamanism, Meditation, Chi Kung and the Healing Path with the Ontogony, (self realization) Institute of Mexico.

Following her heart as she traveled her life path, she began drawing, painting and writing what she had learned. Through her own personal awakening, she opened to her creative muse, and found herself on an amazing journey of exploration, expansion and creation, out of which came, the Wild Woman® Mystery Cards – An enchanting journey to your true self, a set of 53 beautifully illustrated cards and 123-page book explaining each of the cards and symbols in more depth.

She lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia with her two four leggeds, Daisy and Reilly.


A little more about me . . .

I have found over the years, that those who are on the path of truth and compassion are the ones I find to be the most healing and most nourishing in my world. I try to emanate that as much as I can in service to their teaching and my own, and in honor of the sacred that lives within us all. In being with others, whether through painting and/or writing something to share, or seeing someone in person or over the phone, I do my best to bring the truth of who I am, what I see, and what I have learned through experience on this path, and hope that helps to allow the truth in others to be seen and emerge.

When I think about coaching, teaching, healing, or any of the fine arts, I have come to know that ‘the way’ is not the same for everyone and realized inside my soul that I want those around me to learn as I learned, not what I learned. The most important thing I can do is to stay true to my path, and help to enable others to do the same and allow their own spark to ignite. I have learned that once I knew this place that my expressions of who I am were easier to fulfill, allowing me to live a life of choice, and therefore, live from a place of self knowing where I have my own power... offering choice, love, and internal guidance that is reliable and listened to. As with myself, there needs to be a safe container and some guidance along the way, and maybe even some teaching, but at the end of the day, I hope that what I give others are some avenues and adventures into their own selves with love and appreciation of who they are and what really matters and moves them in their life, whether that be in their work, play or everyday life.

My wish as a coach, healer, teacher, writer and artist is the same, and that is, that it brings out the truth in you, and that you allow the best of yourself to emerge, that you allow what moves you to enter your heart, what matters to you to become important enough to follow and feel and that you are able to gather the tools to apply what you need in a nourishing way into your life. It is my Wild Woman wish, that your truth and inner knowing is found, honored and cherished in a safe, fun, authentic and sustainable way. I wish for you, a heart that is alive with pleasure, feelings, growth, and love and that you are able to honor your journey as much as you would honor the greatest of teachers. It is my hope, that little by little, one painting, story, teaching or conversation at a time, that bit by bit, we are able to share our likes and dislikes, wishes and concerns, pains and joys, wants and desires and translate them into a dialogue for peace within our selves, and therefore ripple out to our families, friends, communities, the earth and the world around us... And that we can be ourselves, and be quite okay with that.



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